It seems redundant now on the eve of the season 2 release, to say that Ted Lasso is wonderful. I’ve never met anyone that has seen it and didn’t like it, and always for the same reason; its relentless positivity. Obviously, after the now year and a half we’ve all had, something as uplifting and nice as Ted Lasso, both the human and the show, are more than welcome. And as such, we both completely love it. And so do Rachel and husband/editor Wil for that matter.

But should we really be surprised? Say what you will about Apple, but their commitment to quality is seemingly unmatched. That dedication clearly carried over to this show. Ted Lasso was co-created and stars Jason Sudeikis, another guarantee that we’re going to like something. We’ve loved him since his SNL days, on through his beloved role as Floyd on 30 Rock, and now carrying this show. But he doesn’t carry it alone. The cast of characters is nearly unmatched in their depth and very few ensembles have ever come together this well. We could go on and on about everyone, all the way down to Trent Crimm, The Independent. But our major highlights are Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein. We would ruin our whole lives for either of them.

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