DC hasn’t been able to find a very strong footing with their comic book adaptations. They certainly hoped to emulate Marvel, but each of the Zack Snyder movies seems to have frayed the thread further and further. Now, we’re left with this movie and that movie and this movie and that movie, with no real plan of attack. But that doesn’t mean these individual films can’t be good. We loved Wonder Woman and Shazam. Aquaman was good clean fun. And now The Suicide Squad is another decent entry for them. But for what?

The Suicide Squad was always a welcome idea. The first attempt at this crew was so colossally bungled by David Ayer (and WB themselves if you buy into the Ayer Cut schtick) that we figured they’d quit. But they didn’t, and when they announced this “reboot” of sorts, they always had James Gunn on board. Gunn of course gave new life to the MCU with the Guardians films, so can he do the same for DC?

Sort of. It can’t be stressed how much better The Suicide Squad is than Ayer’s film. But we weren’t totally in love with all of it. The thing about James Gunn is he’s not afraid to make a movie that’s a little mean. And without Kevin Feige helping mold the film, this one doesn’t quite have the heart that Guardians has. It is very funny at times and it looks great, but it was still missing that little something for us that elevates his Marvel outings.

So what did you think of The Suicide Squad? Was it worth the time and money to take another stab at this IP? Or was it just another DC dud to add to the pile? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We’re approaching 800 subscribers over there so all the engagement over there really helps. For now though, settle in for today’s eye-juice filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!