Basic Instinct has been on the very fringes of our radar for a long time because of one simple thing; Showgirls. You should know by now that Showgirls is one of our unironic faves. I mean, it’s one of our ironic faves too, but we truly love it. Just two years before Showgirls, director Paul Verhoeven and writer Joe Eszterhas released Basic Instinct. We had to know what it had to offer and we finally made the time for it.

We essentially loved Basic Instinct. Of course there’s the iconic leg crossing scene which recently was thrown into a little controversy due to Sharon Stone’s memoir. Aside from that and a few moments that would be considered potentially problematic these days, it’s actually great. You can really see the DNA that evolved into Showgirls, but it actually kind of informs Showgirls too. Like we actually sort of have a better grip on some of the things in that movie now that we’ve seen this one.

Is it the best movie we’ve ever seen? No, of course not. But if you’re looking for something fun, and kinda dark, and neo-noir, you could do FAR worse than Basic Instinct. Have you guys seen it? If so, let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We know this is an old movie so engagement will be KEY! Hit us up! For now though, grab an ice pick, put on a brown suit to go clubbing, and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!