Reminiscence caught our eye a few months ago for ALL the reasons. It looked like a cool neo-noir alt-retro-future story set in a half-submerged Miami. On top of that we had Hugh Jackman, Thandiwe Newton, and our BIG fave Rebecca Fergusson in the leads. It had so many elements for us to love. Alas, we did not love it.

We didn’t hate it though. Reminiscence was just fine. The aforementioned half-submerged Miami looks extremely dope. It was well realized, really colorful, and felt as much like a character as at least three of the actual actors. And the effects were great. Not once were we like “Yo that’s fake as hell”. It just looks good and because of that mostly earns its $68mil budget.

Reminiscence suffers from an abundance of stuff though. They set up this world and allude to rich histories for their characters, and then sorta fucks it all off in lieu of a kinda bland love story. They mention this “war” no less than ten times, the world has obviously crumbled under the climate crisis, etc. We wanted to know more about that. And even the machine they use for the Reminiscence was cool, but underutilized. It is key to the mystery but doesn’t do much beyond just show them things.

So overall we wouldn’t call Reminiscence a misfire, but it didn’t totally work for us at least at our age. Our story might be different if we were teenagers. What did you think though? Is Reminiscence going on your faves list? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We are pushing up to 1,000 subscribers over there so go help us out! For now though, reminisce with us on today’s baca-fueled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!