Hello, listeners! We wanted to update you all on our current set up, and where we’re looking to take this podcast going forward. Many of you know, but some do not, that we’ve been doing video for the podcast for about a year now over on YouTube. This has been really great for us simply because it’s a lot easier to generate feedback. We can see a clear number of views, when people stop watching, likes and dislikes etc. It’s been very encouraging. We’ve loved doing the podcast twice a week for almost four years now, but because we can push more content out faster to Youtube like reactions, episode recaps, unboxings, etc, that has become our focus. All those types of videos don’t really fit as podcasts so Youtube has been our focus and thus, we’ve lost some of the time we’d normally use to produce our regular podcast content.

That said, we aren’t doing away with the podcast. We still are watching movies and TV shows and will keep sitting down for longer form chats about them which will be released to the podcast feed as well as Youtube. We are however allowing ourselves off the hook for our two episode per week strict schedule. Some weeks you might get two, others maybe zero. But rest assured if you want some content from us, there will be plenty on Youtube. We’re always covering at least one show, and usually quite a few more. Right now we just wrapped up Drag Race and started Impeachment, we’re covering Riverdale, and BOTH American Horror Story(ies).

If the audio podcast was your primary way of hearing our takes, we kindly invite you to join us over on Youtube for a wider array of our content. If that doesn’t interest you, no problem at all. We hope that you will stay subbed on your favorite podcast platform and just be a little patient with us if your content slows down a bit. We appreciate you so much either way. If you do find your way over to the Youtube, leave us some comments! We love engaging with you guys and hearing all your thoughts on what we’re watching. So head on over to Youtube and join us at youtube.com/soimwatchingthisshow!