The year continues to be weird. But we did manage to get out of the house to see The Eyes of Tammy Faye! This film has been getting decent reviews through the festival scene this year, but people have been RAVING about Jessica Chastain. Of course, we love her and expect nothing less, but this was a LOT of buzz. So we made the time and took the risk to go out.

And we both actually really liked the movie a lot. It felt like a really fair biopic, painting her in a pretty nice light. It certainly wasn’t a hit piece. It more showed how Tammy Faye got kinda roped into all the shady stuff by her husband et al. Tammy just wanted to be a good Christian. She even was a huge supporter or the LGBT community. Not something you hear everyday about an evangelical. It was a solid movie, and Jessica Chastain did indeed totally rule.

So what did you think of The Eyes of Tammy Faye? Is this one a skip for you, or are you gonna try to check it out? If you already saw it, let us know what you thought over on Twitter or in the YouTube comments! We recently passed 1,000 subscribers and we’re so excited to keep growing! Thank you all so much for your support. For now though, grab some make up, use ALL of it, and settle in for today’s PRAISE JESUS episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!