Like many, we have know about Elvira for pretty much our whole lives. I mean she’s hard to miss. Tall, busty and goth personified, at Halloween she’s on every window, in every shop trying to entice people in. But beyond the persona we were pretty unfamiliar with her career. So after a suggestion from a viewer, we aimed to change that by watching Elvira Mistress of the Dark!

And you know what, it was actually pretty silly and fun. It falls squarely into the same category as stuff like Pee Wee Herman. An over the top character rolls into an unexpected place and has to make due. The difference is that as adults, Elvira hits a lot different than Pee Wee, in a good way. And as an unexpected bonus, Mistress of the Dark was taking big swings at so many things that are still relevant today. Women’s treatment in the workplace, treatment of sex workers (obviously she’s not a sex worker but they treat her as if she is), women’s autonomy over their bodies, how much skin a woman should show, as so on. In that way it feels ahead of its time.

It does wind up being like 80% tit jokes which gets a little tired. I mean, as she says many times, she has great boobs and they’ve been basically the things around which her career has been based since she was 14. So it doesn’t feel exploitative since it’s the brand she cultivated. It just gets a little run into the ground by the end of 90 minutes.

We really enjoyed Elvira Mistress of the Dark and if we had found it when we were like 12, we’d have been obsessed and would carry a lot of nostalgia for her. What do you think? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! For now though, grab a tool and just start banging on today’s super breasty episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!