Probably the first major movie casualty of the pandemic of 2020 was No Time To Die. The conclusion of the Daniel Craig-led Bond series was meant to release over a year ago. As a big action movie, it certainly felt like the right move at the time, but was it worth the wait?

Well, Kristin certainly thinks so. No Time To Die fairly skillfully ties up just about every loose end left from Craig’s previous four films. It also introduces one final villain for Bond to thwart, though he was a bit lackluster. He was sort of forced to be the connection between the rest of the films rather than his own thing. But that doesn’t mean he was terrible, just a little underbaked. The action set pieces really popped especially on the big screen so in that regard, the wait was indeed worth it.

For us it was never going to top Casino Royale or Skyfall. Those two are for sure the pinnacle of the series. But having rewatched all of them recently we can say that they all work pretty well together and they’re all worthy of your time.

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