Our relationships with Halloween are well documented. We’ve reviewed the original 1978 classic, as well as the pretty good 2018 follow up. So now that Halloween Kills is finally out, what did we think?

Well we weren’t in total agreement. Kristin has a deep history with the original and considers it to be the best of the slasher films. Wil on the other hand only just started his Halloween journey in 2018. That difference in history really played into our opinions. Wil was able to really watch it as a camp comedy whereas Kristin watched it by the rules set out both in the 2018 film, and the OG. What that means is that for basically the same reasons Wil liked it, and Kristin didn’t. It’s a fun conversation and we get into the thick of it in our episode.

What did you think of Halloween Kills? Was it a good addition to the franchise or was it kind of terrible? Let us know over on Twitter or in the YouTube comments! We know this one is going to illicit a lot of opinions so let us know yours! For now though, buckle in for today’s contentious episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!