Our relationship with the Dune film has had its ups and downs. When it was announced that Denis Villeneuve would be handling the adaptation we all got very excited. Then we saw the first trailer and got even more excited. Then the pandemic threw a wrench into everything. But we of course were happy to wait so we could see this thing on the big screen. That is until Denis and some other directors started running off at the mouth about how streaming is hurting cinema and we should all go to the theater… during a pandemic. On Colbert he later added the caveat that of course safety comes first, but the damage was done and we were just kind of whatever about seeing it at the theater after that. Not to mention most of our recent theater experiences have been really shitty.

That said, we all really loved Dune! After seeing it we certainly agree with the sentiment behind this needing a big screen, but we all own big screens. Not 80ft tall, but big enough for a great home viewing experience. Plus, having captions available for a movie like this is so helpful.

Visually this movie is off the charts. It’s not particularly colorful, by design. Denis and cinematographer Greig Fraser put the audience on what we’re convinced is real life Arrakis. The sand worm must have been there. They flew out there on real ornithopters, surely. It’s so believable and grounded, with just enough fantasy and fashion to lock us in. So we are completely sold despite our bones to pick with Denis’s choice of words.

What did you think of Dune Part One? Is it an instant sci-fi classic or was it not worth the wait? Let us know over on Twitter or in the YouTube comments! We’re well on our way to 1,500 subscribers over there so thank you so much for the support! For now though, grab a glass of water distilled from your own sweat and urine, put your hand in the box, and settle in for today’s very sandy episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!