After four years doing this podcast, we’re finally looking at one of our favorite franchises of all time, Harry Potter! Of course the elephant in the room is the author and we do have a bit of a chat about that. We don’t solve transphobia or anything like that, but we wanted to at least clarify that while it’d be near impossible for us to delete Potter from our lives and hearts, we despise the things the author has said about trans women. The ignorance is staggering and she just keeps doubling down.

That said, Harry Potter, like most folks our age, has played a huge part in our lives. Kristin has been a book reader since the movies started releasing, and Wil has been all in since Azkaban. You’ll hear in the episode why it took him a little longer to get hooked. But in this episode we eventually talk specifically about The Sorcerer’s Stone, a near perfect adaptation of the book directed by Christopher Columbus! This process of looking at the Potter movies will probably take a while, but we gotta start somewhere.

How do you feel about Harry Potter? Are you still a huge fan even after the controversy? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! We know it’s a touchy subject and totally understand if you’ve managed to say goodbye to HP. But we want to hear your thoughts nonetheless. For now though, settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!