The new Matrix movie is right around the corner, so today we’re wrapping up our look back at its predecessors. We decided to watch Reloaded and Revolutions together because they need to be watched in a pair. When Reloaded ends, the final title card reads “To Be Concluded”. It’s quite a cliffhanger, so we figured we’d save you the trouble.

Ultimately, Reloaded came out on top! After revisiting all of them, Reloaded delivers the most lore and honestly that’s kind of all it took. Yes the action looks pretty good (with the exception of the obvious stuff that doesn’t), but well-executed and intriguing lore is the key to our hearts. And when you have Monica Bellucci deliver part of it, you can’t lose. Revolutions kind of clouds some of the stuff set up in Reloaded, and doesn’t balance the action and the philosophy quite as well. The original is and always will be THE classic Matrix movie. But in hindsight, and with 20 year to process it, Reloaded takes the cake.

Which is your favorite Matrix movie? Are you hard stuck to the original, or have you softened to the sequels as the years have passed on? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! For now though, come up to broadcast depth and settle in for today’s green-tinged episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!