The long-awaited sequel to the original Matrix movies is finally here! After revisiting the trilogy, and then seeing the trailer for this, we both felt like Resurrections might wind up being our favorite in the series. I don’t think it completely got there, but we both liked it a whole lot!

As you’ll hear in the episode, we just really loved how gay everything is in this one. When the original trilogy was made, Lana and Lilly were both still closeted, making movies about finding and believing in yourself, stuck in a body that isn’t truly yours. Now with Lana out as her true self, Resurrections feels a lot more like the Wachowski’s Sense 8 than just another sci-fi actioner. It’s very bright and colorful too which is another bonus for us. The OG and to a lesser extent the sequels were just kind of drab. Very green obviously too. But the trailer promises color and we got it here.

As mentioned at the top, Resurrections didn’t 100% nail everything. However that didn’t stop us from having a good time watching Keanu and Carrie-Anne kiss, which is literally what the whole movie is about.

So what did you think of The Matrix Resurrections? Was it a worthy addition to the Matrix milieu or was it an unnecessary cash grab? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter and in the Youtube comments! Comments over there really help us with the algorithm so take the time to hit us up! For now though, free your mind and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!