Don’t Look Up was always going to be divisive. It’s a very obvious satire of our current political system and how it’s dealing with climate change. Really it’s commentary about how politicians deal with anything. And there are those among us who don’t care for that for one reason or another. Whether it’s the Trumpers the movie is directly making fun of, or liberals who don’t want to hear about it in their movies (looking at you, husband/editor Will).

But we actually kind of loved Don’t Look Up! It is all of the above, but there’s a lot more to it and some of that stuff we really loved. First off, Leonardo Dicaprio. According to Kristin, this is his most compelling performance since Catch Me if you Can. And once Wil realized the talk show host was Cate Blanchett, she and Tyler Perry became his MVPs of the movie. Outside of the over the top administration, there’s a lot of really good, even occasionally emotional moments. And it’s very funny to boot. It’s not quite the Great™ film that the Big Short was, but if you can stomach the first 30-40 minutes then you’ll likely enjoy the rest of it.

So what did you think of Don’t Look Up? We know it has audiences and critics pretty much split down the middle, so let us know your thoughts over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments. Just, ya know, be nice about it. For now though, grab some expensive crackers and water, and settle in for today’s apocalyptic episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!