Not unlike the Matrix, we’re prepping for the next Scream sequel! Scream 2 is another favorite of ours (as is 3, you’ll see soon) so we were so happy to revisit this one. Honestly, it holds up even better today than it did on release. There are definitely a few things that jump out as “of their time”, looking at you, Jerry O’Connell, but it’s just as sharp as the original and trades in some of the scares for a bit of humor. Scream 2 maintains the meta approach introduced by the OG, and expands on it in some ways you’d expect, and some ways you won’t. It’s the perfect follow up to Wes Craven’s classic. Find out exactly why we think so in the episode!

So what do you think of Scream 2? Does it do enough to subvert the genre sequels that came before it, or is it trying too hard? Let us know over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments! For now though, grab the empty seat next to Derek and settle in for today’s SCREAM filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!