Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, Scream 3 follows some standard sequel rules; All bets are off, the killer can be anyone, and anyone can die. So the body count is definitely higher in this one. But does this “conclusion” to the trilogy still hold up?

We sure think so! If you heard our other coverage you’ll know that Scream 3 is Kristin’s favorite in the series (so far). The one key ingredient is Parker Posey. Scream 3 is actually, for the most part, a comedy. And Parker Posey is far and away the funniest part of this. She really brought all her Christopher Guest energy to the party and no one else can keep up. She is just so funny and over the top and she fits just fine somehow. No one else is THAT nuts but because the story is so absurd it works. This movie is actually great. Hear more specifics about why we love it in our episode!

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