Sebastian Stan has blessed us this week. We just wrapped up Pam & Tommy, and now we’re talking about a very cool movie he’s a part of called Fresh! It’s a horror movie. It’s a CANNIBAL horror movie. Historically that has some connotations, but this one is FUN!

Fresh is written and directed by women and it shows. It’s also a story of women helping women, the opposite of which we complain about on the Gilded Age too often. But Fresh is aptly named as it is a fresh take on the cannibal genre. It’s slick and colorful and well-shot, its leads are very charming, and it’s not a particularly gross out movie. The concepts will gross you out, but it is not a gorefest.

We really enjoyed Fresh! It’s not paving many new roads in horror, but it does have a nice FRESH feel to it. There’s definitely modern DNA, as elements feel taken straight from Get Out, but the main arc is really interesting and really got us talking.

So what did you think of Fresh? We liked it a lot so let us know your thoughts on Twitter or down in the Youtube comments! For now though, hold on to your butts and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!