Robert Eggers cemented himself in our minds with The VVitch and The Lighthouse, so we’ve been LONG awaiting his followup, The Northman. This is his first studio movie, clocking in somewhere between $70m and $90m, and it shows. The world is super rich and there’s a lot of great camera work that costs time, and as we all know time is money.

Was it as successful as our favorite of his, The VVitch? I think we’d say not quite, but we did both enjoy it a lot and we got some really good conversation out of it.

But what did you think? Did Eggers put together another masterpiece, or should he stick to low budget indies? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter or in the comments below! For now though, cry your last tear, fart to prove your manliness, and settle in for today’s very Norse episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!