Today we’re diving into the Multiverse of Madness with Doctor Stephen Strange! We’ve heard rumblings that this was the movie that was really going to propel us into MCU Phase 4 so we’ve been waiting with bated breath for its release.

Well, now that it’s here, we’re still waiting. We got one minor mid-credits clue but even that is so vague we don’t know what to expect. And sometimes that’s not bad. A surprise is usually a welcome part of a movie. However, it’s been three years since End Game, and even with COVID mucking up the works Marvel has been releasing stuff. Just nothing to latch onto.

We dive deep into the specifics of what we did like in this, and more about what we didn’t. Let us know what you thought about the movie and all it’s odd implications over on Twitter or in the Youtube comments!! We know people REALLY care about the MCU, but keep it civil if you’ve got an opinion that differs from someone else. For now though, settle in for today’s STAR-studded episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!