Like many people, we fell immediately in love with Knives Out. The cozy vibe, the amazing cast, the SWEATERS! MMM It was just everything we wanted, and it was an excellent mystery.

Cut to a year later and Rian Johnson is getting a dump truck of cash from Netflix to make a few more Benoit Blanc movies and we get PUMPED! But how could he capture the magic of Knives Out? Enter Glass Onion, a movie that is somehow totally familiar but different than Knives Out is almost every way.

And we loved it again! Johnson managed to knock it out of the park a second time by giving us a stellar mystery and a great cast in a summery vibe. Who’d have guessed?!

What did you think of Glass Onion? Was it a worthy successor to Knives Out? We certainly think so, but let us know your thoughts in the comments!