The Marvels has long been on everyone’s radar. It was announced forever ago, and we’ve had two TV shows come and go introducing characters that star in it. So why was no one excited about this film? And why wasn’t it better than it was?

Well we explore that and more on this episode. The Marvels is the culmination of all the mistakes Marvel and Disney has made since Endgame. It feigns connectivity by bringing in characters from the shows, but it doesn’t use them very well. And it doesn’t address really any ramifications of their actions. It was a fun movie, yeah, but The Marvels is just another CGI mess with a boring villain easily digested and forgotten about.

What did you think of The Marvels? We know it’s been kind of divisive. And to be clear, we liked it alright, but it wasn’t good. We think pretty objectively it wasn’t good. That doesn’t mean we didn’t like it or you shouldn’t like it. But you can like something and recognize its faults. Art and life are not as binary as the internet would have you believe. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!