Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! And for the Americans in the room, I hope you are reconciling with our countries very troubled past! We just like the excuse to eat some delicious food.

Our Thanksgiving tradition returns this week with Muppets From Space! Up until this point, our Muppets for Thanksgiving tradition has been really fun. However, From Space is uhhh… inconsistent. Weird you might say. And not in the fun way that all the other Muppet properties are weird. We go into detail in the episode, so hop on in! We still had fun watching it, it just was sort of unexpectedly one of the lesser Muppet projects.

What do you guys think of Muppets From Space? Are you with us, or is it one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments! Wil didn’t even really realize it wasn’t that good until this rewatch so maybe your nostalgia still has a hold on you. If not this one, which Muppet movie or show is your favorite?